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George Donaldson

CEO Fix-It Group

George Donaldson is the epitome of self-made success. George started his career as an electrician in Denver Colorado initially working on commercial projects and then switching to running calls for a residential service company that he eventually managed and partially owned. George has owned and operated several home services throughout his career and has also been a corporate officer for 3 different platforms including his current role as the CEO of Fix-It Group.

As the CEO of Fix-It Group, which has become the fastest-growing home services company in the US, George has demonstrated remarkable leadership. His entrepreneurial spirit, leadership and sales ability is what has led him to find and nurture multiple successful enterprises. Renowned for his revolutionary approach, George prioritizes the well-being of his team, fostering a culture of growth and prosperity. Under his guidance, Fix-It Group has not only shattered revenue records but has also become a beacon of ethical business practices while maintaining best in class KPI’s in the services industry.

George is most proud when he witnesses team members achieving significant milestones, such as purchasing their first homes, advancing their career, first family vacations, or finding financial security and purpose in their lives. Seeing his team find fulfillment in their work fuels George’s passion for his role as CEO.

Under his visionary leadership, Fix-It Group has experienced exponential growth, with revenue skyrocketing from 1.7 million to an impressive 90 million within just six years. However, George is not one to rest on his laurels. With a steadfast determination, he has set his sights on an ambitious goal: reaching 1 billion in revenue by 2030. This audacious objective serves as a testament to George’s unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and driving unparalleled success for Fix-It Group.

Beyond the boardroom, George finds fulfillment in his roles as a husband and father. He cherishes moments spent cheering on his three children at sports games, traveling the world with his wife, and enjoying the company of his beloved bulldogs. George Donaldson exemplifies the fusion of ambition, integrity, and family values, embodying the essence of modern leadership.

George Donaldson, CEO

Fix-It Group, LLC

Allan Villegas, CFO

Fix-It Group, LLC

Allan Villegas

CFO Fix-It Group

Allan Villegas, CFO of Fix-It Group, combines his strategic financial acumen with a hands-on comprehensive approach to ensuring exponential growth with Fix-It Group nationwide.

Born in the Philippines, Villegas moved to the US in 1987 where he earned his degree in Accounting with Cum Laude honors from California State University. With an unparalleled work ethic and eye for data analytics, Allan quickly rose through the ranks at Ernst & Young, becoming an Audit Manager.

Since joining Fix-It Group, Allan has been instrumental in propelling the company’s nationwide expansion. His leadership in acquisitions and process optimization has not only streamlined operations but significantly boosted revenue growth. Allan’s dedication to data-driven strategies ensures that every financial decision maximizes effectiveness and efficiency.

Beyond finance, Allan’s servant leadership approach has transformed the company culture, fostering a supportive environment where teamwork and collaboration are key to collective success. This ethos has been central to sustaining Fix-It Group’s five-star service reputation as the company expands across the country.

Married since 1995 and a father of four, Allan values family time above all, although a love all things sports (go Clippers) comes in a close second. At Fix-It Group, he appreciates the strong teamwork that mirrors his own family values, enhancing both the workplace and its outcomes.

Allan Villegas remains a cornerstone of Fix-It Group’s success, his financial expertise driving significant growth while nurturing a culture that values every team member’s contribution.

Brian Remington

General Manager, On Time Experts

Brian Remington is a servant leader whose strategic insights and genuine care for his team define his approach to leadership inside the home services sector. Originally from Denver, Colorado, Brian’s professional journey kicked off with a Bachelor’s from the University of Northern Colorado and a Master’s from the University of New York at Buffalo.

Brian’s career transitioned from D1 college football coaching to the home services industry in 2012, under the guidance of Fix-It Group’s CEO George Donaldson in Southern California. His early success in in-home sales led to his leadership role in Los Angeles and later as General Manager in Orange County, where he spurred impressive growth.

In 2017, Brian moved back to Denver to start Fix-It 24/7. Under his leadership, the company skyrocketed from $1 million to $20 million in just four years. Now in Dallas, Texas, as the General Manager of On Time Experts, Brian has led the team to increase revenue from $12 million to $20 million, thanks to a strong company culture and advanced marketing strategies.

What truly makes Brian proud isn’t just the revenue growth but how a commitment to servant leadership has positively impacted his team’s lives. From seeing many team members buy their first homes while with On Time Experts, Brian believes in empowering his people to improve their quality of life.

Brian lives in Dallas with his wife, Tamara, and their two children, Olivia and Noah. When he’s not steering his company to new heights, he enjoys sports, live music, and dining out with loved ones. His favorite part about working at Fix-It Group is the company’s commitment to genuinely caring for its people, helping them achieve their dreams while collectively pushing the business forward.

Brian Remington, GM

On Time Experts

Adam Pedersen, GM

Fix-It 24/7 Denver Colorado

Adam Pedersen

General Manager Fix-It 24/7 Denver, Colorado

Adam Pedersen is the General Manager at Fix-It Group’s flagship location in Denver, Colorado. Originally from just outside Seattle, Washington, Pederson has truly grown up in the home services industry, starting as an HVAC installer at 18-years-old. It did not take long for Pederson to become one of the top technicians in his market. With a deep understanding of the technical side of HVAC, Adam then moved into sales where he quickly broke records with his gift for communication with technicians and customers alike.

Eventually Pedersen was promoted to General Manager at a successful shop in Seattle before moving to Denver to add to Fix-It Group’s growth. His experience as an installer, technician, salesperson, and leader gives Pedersen a unique ability to understand, coach, and grow his team at Fix-It Group.

While Fix-It’s Denver branch has broken revenue records during Pedersen’s tenure, he says his greatest achievement is giving his team the opportunity to change their lives for the better. Pedersen says winning is a mix of hard work and fun. If you walk into his shop you will hear music, laughter, witness practical jokes, and meet one of the top teams in the country on a mission to service their customers with the best service in the market.

When Pedersen is not at work you will find him on the sidelines cheering on his four beloved children who are involved in all things sports! He and his wife Camille treasure family above all else and are grateful for the family culture Fix-It Group instills where every loss and every win belongs to the entire Fix-It family.

Rick Cubas

General Manager Emergency Air, Phoenix

Rick Cubas, the General Manager at Emergency Air in Phoenix, has redefined excellence in the home services industry by pouring into his people and differentiating Emergency Air within the Phoenix marketplace by instilling a true sense of caring for the customer and doing right by people.

With a career that started in 1998 at JFK Heating and Air, a small business he skillfully rebranded for greater market appeal. His career took off as he embraced roles from operations manager to service technician, deepening his understanding of the industry.

Rick’s entrepreneurial journey led him through significant roles, including a pivotal stint at Ferguson Heating and Cooling, and later, as Vice President of HVAC at Parker and Sons in Arizona. His relentless pursuit of excellence brought him out of retirement to lead Emergency Air, where he spearheaded expansions in plumbing and electrical services, significantly enhancing the company’s market presence and revenue share.

Under Rick’s leadership, Emergency Air has transformed from a lower-tier service provider to a top-tier industry leader, akin to the ‘Nordstrom’ of HVAC services. His management style has revolutionized the workplace culture, fostering a team that excels through servant leadership and respect, propelling the company to a stellar 4.9 star customer rating.

Rick balances his professional achievements with a rich family life, supported by his wife Rachel and their eight children. His commitment to excellence at home mirrors his professional ethos, creating environments of respect and empowerment both at work and home.

Rick is always quick to offer his team an encouraging word, with his trademark phrase “pedal to the metal” ringing through the office from morning until night.

At Emergency Air, Rick appreciates the continuous push towards excellence that aligns with his personal and professional growth, keeping him engaged and always moving forward.

Rick Cubas, GM

Fix-It Group, LLC

Michael Current, General Manager Fix-It 24/7 Charleston, South Carolina

Fix-It Group, LLC

Michael Current

General Manager at Fix-It 24/7 in Charleston, South Carolina

Michael Current, the General Manager at Fix-It 24/7 in Charleston, South Carolina, stands out as a leader who personifies the ability for individuals to exponentially grow within Fix-It Group as long as they have strong work ethic and willingness to learn, grow, and take advantage of Fix-It’s leadership resources.

Born in Belmont, NC, Michael pursued an academic career that culminated with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a BA in Psychology, arming him with profound insights into human behavior and leadership.

Michael’s early professional path began in the HVAC sector at age 16, where he initially worked in installations, followed by a stint in commercial HVAC as part of the Sheet Metal Workers Union. His career took a transformative turn in 2006 when he transitioned to the behavioral health field, dedicating nearly a decade to assisting individuals with substance abuse and mental health challenges in North Carolina. This role saw him evolve from a clinician to a leadership position.

In 2015, Michael shifted to the business realm, excelling in medical sales at Summit Diagnostics and later showcasing his sales prowess at Cox Automotive Mobility Fleet Service in Dallas, Texas, where he consistently exceeded sales targets. His achievements in sales led him to the Fix-It Group, where he began in 2023 at the On Time Experts in Dallas, TX, quickly proving his mettle by becoming the top salesperson within just two months.

Recognizing his potential, Michael was selected to participate in Fix-It Group’s rigorous General Manager Training Program. This program honed his management skills and prepared him for his next role; in October 2023, he was promoted to General Manager of the Charleston branch. Under his leadership, the branch has successfully met and surpassed its financial targets, driven by his commitment to empowering his team through servant leadership.

Michael resides in Charleston with his fiancée, Juanita, and their young son, Christian. His family is his greatest motivation, inspiring him daily to excel. Michael thrives in Fix-It Group’s culture of excellence, continually pushing himself and his team to achieve the best results. His unique blend of experiences and training has made him a pivotal leader, adept at navigating challenges and leading his team to success.