Fix-It 24/7 Denver Acquires Colorado Discount Heating and Air

May 17, 2024 – We are thrilled to announce that Fix-It 24/7 Denver has acquired Colorado Discount Heating and Air, a renowned provider of heating and air services in the Denver area.

Colorado Discount will now operate under the Fix-It 24/7 brand with Fix-It 24/7’s dedication to excellence, ensuring uninterrupted service for its loyal customer base.

“Colorado Discount’s location and reputation for quality service and expertise in heating and air work make them a valuable addition to our family,” said George Donaldson, CEO of Fix-It Group.

This partnership will also empower Fix-It 24/7 to respond even faster to customers when they are most in need, a tenet that has set Fix-It 24/7 apart in a competitive industry. Additionally, this acquisition will now offer Colorado Discount customers plumbing and electric services all in one place, something they were missing before.

Fix-It 24/7 has established itself as singular in the Denver market thanks to its dedication to legendary customer service and going above and beyond with maintenances and a preventative home care approach that delivers true value to customers.

We pride ourselves on having technicians and team members who don’t just “do a job,” but truly build a career and relationships with the clients they serve. Fix-It Group is the fastest growing home services company because of our commitment to sustainable growth internally and externally through top-quality service. This addition reflects our dedication to expanding our national footprint and providing top-tier home services across the country.

About Fix-It 24/7 Denver

Fix-It 24/7 is one of the highest rated home services companies in the Denver area and beyond, with thousands of five-star reviews, 24/7 service, and endorsements from consumer advocates across the market.

About Fix-It Group: National Leader in Home Services

Fix-It 24/7 Denver, is the flagship market for Fix-It Group, which is the fastest growing and most respected home services company in the United States. Fix-It Group has expanded across markets in the U.S., growing from $1.7 million in revenue to $90 million in revenue in a short period of time and revolutionizing home services care across the country by saving clients money, educating, and delivering legendary service to their clients.